There are various CRMs available online. Although the end objective for each CRM is same, features of each CRM may vary either in terms of channel is uses or the payment plans it offers. CRMs like Zoho , Freshsales and Hubspot have built a large user base over last few years. Some organisations prefer affordability over features and some customisation over general features depending on business model of the company.

Following is a comparative of various aspects of Zeki CRM vis a vis Zoho CRM.

Comparison point Zoho CRM Zeki CRM
Ease of Use Users have mentioned that Zoho CRM has easy to use screens Zeki CRM has an easy user interface and navigation system
Unique Selling proposition Zoho CRM is known for its strong Social Media integration and lead generation from online campaigns Zeki CRM is apt for all kinds of businesses having online and offline presence.
Pricing Zoho CRM offers Free subscription upto 3 users and charges USD 12 for basic and USD 20 for professional package Zeki CRM offers free subscription for 1 user and charges approx. USD 6-7 depending on user base
Calling and Call recording This feature is not provided by Zoho CRM by default and has to be requested at the time of call. Your calling team can contact customers directly from the CRM and record all calls if the company opts for the feature.

Zeki CRM is a cloud based sales force & help desk system that helps you centralize all your data sources and provides a real time vision of your Customer information. It provides a well-defined platform for all business units to interact with their clients and fulfil all their needs and demands very effectively and to build long-term relationship.

Zeki CRM not only helps the company to deal with the existing customers but also in acquiring new customers. The process starts with identifying a customer and maintaining all the corresponding details into the system like Customer Details, Services/Product Interest, Quotes, Sales Order, Calls, Meetings, and Support Requests.


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